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The training of Jesus for supernatural service

Many books discuss the words of Jesus and many explore particular aspects of his ministry. Many books contain testimonies of signs and wonders. But did you ever read a book that will empower you to do the works of Christ? Reading Called+Empowered you will:

  • Experience the ministry of Jesus in the way his disciples did
  • Realise your full potential when you are called to ministry
  • Help yourself and others to live a joyful, supernatural life

In Part I, we investigate the heart of the Lord’s mission. We see how Jesus prepared and was equipped for his ministry and where he put the emphasis when he made disciples. By looking at the life of Christ from this perspective, we will discover keys for our own lives. In Part 2, you’ll find a selection of exciting testimonies and a range of practical prayer tools that will help you begin doing the same works that Jesus did.

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Available in print in English and German

The book, the film, interviews

Called+Empowered book cover

English paperback / E-Book

Audio Book – coming soon. 

German Taschenbuch / E-Buch

Believing is also seeing

Since we started teaching the topics in Called+Empowered we have seen a glorious increase in miracle healings. During a mission trip to Kenya in 2022 we were able to film many of these and produce a professional 50-minute documentary, which is now in English and German.

Reading it was an eye-opener for me

Dr Micah Moenga, Head of Theology at Pan African Christian (PAC) University fully endorses Called+Empowered: It is theologically balanced, and ideal for anyone involved in practical ministry.

Dr Micah Moenga; head of Theology Department at PAC University Nairobi

“Reading the book, ‘Called and Empowered Book’ has been an eye opener, because I am involved in ministry myself and there are certain things that were clearly explained in terms of how you can approach ministry the Jesus way.”

“Talking as a scholar of the Bible, the book is balanced in terms of theology and the interpretation of Scripture. A minister should grab it and just run with it because of its good approach to practical ministry.”

Dr Michah Moenga, PAC University, Nairobi, Kenya

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